Vehicle enhancement service is not quite familiar to all. It’s popular for automotive dealers and e-commerce business owners. To advertise their brands for cars, aircraft, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, etc they need to present furnished photos in a professional way. ­­­

Vehicle enhancement to make your photos more lucrative:


Attractive photos always create attention to attract website visitors. Usually, car shoppers always like to buy their cars when they feel appeal after seeing the eye-catchy photo on the car website. That’s why automotive vendors and renters need vehicle enhancement services.


Dealers need to create a potential customer to increase their business sales and establish a good brand. If they show raw images on their business, then it will lose their clients. Because clients will be confused about the actual look of the vehicle. Hence, it is necessary to use a vehicle enhancement service to make it easy for your clients to buy your product without any hesitation.

Let’s analyze-

What do we see in car pictures?


Generally, in car images, we see stunning cars with beautiful color texture with shiny details. But this is not actually possible with natural photography. These looks are the result of image enhancement at different levels.


Tasks performed during vehicle photo editing


When editing a car photo, the service needs to perform different editing tasks in phases. First many adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation, reflection, toning, and sharpness are done to enhance the look of the vehicle. Then for branding posters, banner, logo, and other shiny effects are applied to introduce brand identity.

In case you can get rid of unwanted items through removing the background, add extra shadows in the next face of the edit. In the nutshell, this process includes the following steps-


  1. Defining each edge.
  2. Adding logo, poster, banner.
  3. Furnishing interior of the vehicle.
  4. Adding floor.
  5. Color separation.
  6. Bring the photo’s originality.
  7. Optimize the image for the website.
  8. Create a shining effect on metal parts.

As a result, vehicle enhancement involves lots of common photo editing services specific to the automotive industry like clipping path service is used to separate the vehicle from raw backgrounds. Actually, there are many image editing techniques goes into vehicles enhancement service. These are-

Retouching: to increase shiny look on the automotive inventories you need specific retouching techniques to be applied in photos (removing dust, scratches)

Recoloring: Use recoloring service to generate separate color models for the same automobile without cost and effort.

Clipping path: Normally clipping path service used on cut out raw background form the photograph and adding different background on the photo.

Transparent Background: Sometimes raw images do not contain appropriate background or elements. in those cases, a transparent background is used to change the background of the raw image.

Color Correction: Adjusting the natural color tone of the car body and interior designs to increase the beauty of the car.

Shadow Effect: create a drop shadow and reflection shadow make the automobile more realistic.

The editing cost of vehicle enhancement is very low comparing to the cost of the vehicle. So, spending a little more money on vehicle photo editing can exponentially give you profit. So, it is wise to spend on vehicle enhancement services like Photography Clipping to increase revenue and brand value.

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